Section II - The Protocol Stack
From the Top Down: Program Services

Audio Codec

Coded Audio Payload

Side Processes: The Configuration Administrator

Audio Transport
Program Service Data ("PSD")
Program Service Data

PSD Protocol and Transport
PSD Protocol and Transport
PSD ID3 Tags
PSD Etiquette
        PSD Harmonization with RDS
PSD Transport

PSD Metadata

Audio Transport to Channel Multiplex

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Chapter 4: TABLES
4.1 Protocols Addressed in Chapter 4
4.2 Nominal Maximum Coder Rates
4.3 Derivation of IBOC Frame Rate from Source Audio Rate
4.4 Comparison of Source and Coded Audio
4.5 Derivation of Maximum Effective Bit Rates of Primary Logical Channels
4.6 Program Services Numbering Scheme
4.7 Components of an Audio Transport PDU Showing Three Program Services and Opportunistic Data Capacity
4.8 Typical Program Service Data Capacity
4.9 ID3 Frames Permitted in PSD (NRSC-5-A)
4.10 Suggested Harmonization of PSD with RT+ (Source: Kenwood)
4.11 PRI PSD Consortium, PSD Standards Project, Suggested PSD Field Descriptions

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Chapter 4: FIGURES
4.1 Audio Services Transport Funnel
4.2 Compressing 44.1 kSa/s Audio for Transmission
4.3 Basic MPS PDU Functions
4.4 Error Protection in Audio Transport
4.5 Additional MPS/SPS PDU Functions
4.6 Multiple Streams and Services Processed by the Audio Transport
4.7 Program Service Header Expansion
4.8 ID3 PSD Tag Structure
4.9 PSD in HDLC-like Framed Stream

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