Section I - Background
The Path to the IBOC Standard

IBOC Precursors

IBOC's Beginnings

New Technical Muscle

NRSC Cranks It Up

Testing Proponents' Technologies: TGWG

Regulatory Progress

Evaluation Process: EWG

Standardization Testing: TPWG and EWG

Response to the Testing

Finally, Standards-Setting: ISDWG

FM Subcarrier Compatibility: DAB Subcommittee and Others

The Path to the HDC Codec: TPWG and EWG

AM Nighttime Performance and Compatibility: Outside-NRSC Review

Multicasting and the SIDTG

Surround Sound: The SSATG
Composite Surround Transport
Component Surround Transport
Surround Sound Case Studies
        KUVO-FM, Colorado Public Radio
        WZLX 100.7, CBS Boston
        WGUC-FM 90.9, Cincinnati Public Radio

A Complete Standard in Two Steps: Data Put on Temporary Hold

After the Standard: DRB Subcommittee

Moving On

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Chapter 2: TABLES
2.1 Digital Radio Test Laboratory "Table 1 System/Subgroup Designators"
2.2 NRSC IBOC Performance Goals (excerpt)

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Chapter 2: FIGURES
2.1 The Many Dimensions of Initial IBOC Testing
2.2 NRSC Comparison of FM IBOC and analog audio subjective evaluation results aggregating all field test conditions
2.3 NRSC Standards Development Process(Source: NRSC)

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